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About InnoEssentials International 

The success of innovative products is highly related to the amount of venture capital, expertise and management available for marketing and innovation. InnoEssentials International is partner in business through development and production, to succesful marketing of inventions that suit the lifestyle needs of today’s consumer. 

InnoEssentials International is a “full service” marketing organization with insights in potential, marketability and consumer needs. We judge each invention on its own commercial merits, working towards a win-win situation for the inventor, the manufacturer, the retailer and the consumer. 

InnoEssentials International operates world wide. We have our main office in The Netherlands.

InnoEssentials International
Donk 1B
2991 LE Barendrecht
The Netherlands 
Tel: 0180-330550
Fax: 0180-330560
Email: info@inno-essentials.com
Internet: www.inno-essentials.com
Bank: Deutsche Bank Nederland| Currency: Eur | IBAN: NL78DEUT0558273270

InnoEssentials Deutschland GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 7
49685 Emstek
Tel: +49(0)4473 92670 0
Fax: +49(0)4473 92670 10
Email: info@inno-essentials.de
Internet: www.inno-essentials.de
Bank Nr: 15.76.669/009
BLZ 50230400, ABN.AMRO, Frankfurt

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